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Is the Party Over?

By LASIS Staff

Occupy Wall Street protestors were cleared out of Zuccotti park overnight, and now a judge has ruled that the protestors have to stay out.

We think we probably haven’t heard the last of them here in New York, but in the meantime, a look back at LASIS‘s legal discussion of the movement.

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A Law Student Discusses Occupy Wall Street (with VIDEO)

Photo by Meghan Lalonde

By Meghan Lalonde

When the protests in lower Manhattan started in September most New Yorkers walked by and thought… well, most New Yorkers thought nothing about it at all, actually. Protests are a dime a dozen here. Then there were the first trickles of media coverage before the pepper spray incident, which was the NYPD’s greatest gift to the occupiers. It changed a local movement into a worldwide one as video of the incident was seen around the world.

And now, on Day 39 of the protest, hardly anyone is ignoring the protestors.   Not even me – an overworked and sleep-deprived law student.

New York Law School is just a few blocks north of Zuccotti Park where the occupation is headquartered and I frequently pass it on my bike on my way to and from school. Protesters have overrun the space with sleeping bags, signs, tables, pets, in addition to reporters and cameramen from every major news outlet under the sun. Last week the New York Times published an article discussing the nature of the park itself and how protesters are able to legally occupy the privately owned public space. I wondered if the protesters were following the legal debate about their rights to protest inside the park and on Saturday October 15, I packed my camera, got on my bike and rode over to the encampment between Broadway and Trinity Place to find out.

See VIDEO of reporter Meghan Lalonde interviewing protesters about the private v. public legal debate.   (more…)