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Ka-Ching! Dog Takes Walk, Makes $1 Million

By LASIS Staff

A little over one year ago, LASIS told you about Ryan Leslie, a rap artist whose computer was stolen while performing in Germany.  The laptop had his songs on it, and he offered a $1 million reward.

Armin Augstein was out walking his dog near Cologne when he found that laptop, leading LASIS to coronate this excursion “The Most Profitable Dog Walk in History.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we were the first to do the legal analysis on this strange case, and we found that there had in fact been an offer, an acceptance, and a valid contract.  Mr. Augstein was suing for nonpayment and we suggested Mr. Leslie settle.

Now a jury has found that Mr. Leslie’s on the hook for both the $1 million and his attorney bill.

Lesson:  Do yourselves a favor and listen to LASIS. And don’t forget to vote.


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