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Unlike Trix, Social Media Isn’t Just for Kids…

By Chris Cotter

Social media is the new black. As of September, Facebook boasted 88.3 million unique US users (a surprising 38% of whom are over 35). From February 2008 through February 2009, Twitter’s user base grew  a whopping 1382%. And if you’ve spent more than ten minutes on the web, you already know that there’s a blog for just about everything you can imagine. What’s funny is, we Americans would sooner give a kidney than our “sensitive” personal information. Yet, many of us freely post photos, videos and comments all over social media platforms, just as freely as we shake hands. Every day, millions of Americans delightedly navigate websites of great social and political import, blissfully unaware of the digital autobiography they are leaving behind. But while they may not be cognizant of the value of their interactions with the web, some very powerful people are, and as an attorney, you should be too.

DecisionQuest, Inc. provides a number of litigation support services to law firms, one of which is jury research. On November 17, one of DecisionQuest’s “social media experts,” Christine Martin came to speak at New York Law School about how social media research can help during the jury selection phase of litigation.



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