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Age Discrimination in TV News Biz: Fogies Fight Back

By Asher Hawkins

Last week Larry Hoff, the 60-year-old former WPIX news anchor best known for zany antics like rappelling down a high-rise dressed as Santa Claus, became the second on-air personality for the New York City-based station to file an age-discrimination suit against the CW Television Network flagship and its owner, the Tribune Company.

The ten-year veteran of the station alleged that his effective replacement, Lisa Mateo, is decades younger and “had little previous reporting experience” when she took his place. According to Mr. Hoff, WPIX violated city and state anti-age discrimination statutes  by launching a “barely concealed effort” to rid the broadcast team of “older members” after real estate billionaire Sam Zell took over the Tribune Company in 2007.

In recent months, the New York Daily News and the Associated Press have both reported on a similar action by sixty-something former WPIX sports anchor Sal Marchiano.

What the articles don’t discuss is whether an age-discrimination suit brought by a TV personality has any chance of success. We will. (more…)