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Can’t Hold on to Your Wallet? Read This

By Halina Schiffman-Shilo

My wallet and I have a difficult relationship. I try to make sure it’s stays put in my pocket or bag, and it tries to wander off into the great unknown without me. I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve lost my wallet in the past ten years, but suffice it say, I would probably need to count on both hands.

Over the past decade, I’ve been an equal opportunity wallet-loser in terms of geography. My wallet’s gone missing in New York, D.C., Botswana, Montreal—you pick a region, and I’ve probably lost my wallet there. But while I’ve visited my grandparents in Florida many, many times, somehow, I’ve never lost my wallet in the Sunshine State. And this is a shame, because, according to the sheriff’s department in Port Charlotte, whoever found it there would have been obliged to turn it over to the police or to me, or be guilty of a crime.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Rene Marie Glynn of Port Charlotte, Florida found an iPhone4 in a Walmart bathroom. She got in touch with the phone owner and told her she’d be happy to return it – for money. The phone owner agreed, but had already called the police to report it missing. So when the phone owner’s boyfriend met Ms. Glynn to pay the “ransom” and get the phone back, police were on hand to arrest her as soon as she was paid. Ms. Glynn was then charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property. The HuffPo article quoted the sheriff’s office as saying “failure to report the finding to law enforcement or return the property when asked is considered theft.”

Have I been losing my wallet in all the wrong places?! I decided to investigate.



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Is Sex That Can’t Curl Toes No Sex at All?

By Victoria Rosner

According to the NY Daily News Germaine Bowman McDonald is suing a wig store in Queens after a mannequin fell on her left foot while she was shopping for a “Diana Ross-style hair piece.”  She claims to be suffering from nerve damage in that foot, and is suing the store for negligence for failing to keep its premises “free of dangerous, hazardous, unsafe, trap-like and defective conditions.”

The more interesting claim, however, comes from her husband, Dean McDonald, who is also suing the store.  He claims his wife’s injury has rendered her unable to make a fist with her toes, and has badly impacted their sex life.  While this leaves all of us rather amused, Mr. McDonald is actually suing under a well-established theory of loss of consortium, and based on relevant precedent, he may even have a shot at success.



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Victim of Hot Dog Throw at Ballpark Cries Foul

By Gregory Akselband

During one of his crowd-pleasing performances, Royals mascot Sluggerrr miscalculated a behind-the-back toss and launched a hotdog directly into the left eye of ballgame attendee John Coomer. Coomer’s vision is permanently impaired as a result, and in what you might call an attempt to enforce the eye-for-an-eye rule, he is now suing the Kansas City Royals Baseball Corporation in Missouri for negligence and battery.

Media coverage of the story did a fair job of stating the facts but failed to mention the relevant law and legal claims.  LASIS researched the legal niceties of the story, and learned that more often than not, injured ballpark attendees face an uphill battle when it comes to recovering for their injuries.



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