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A Juicy Bet

By Zachary Edelman

I would bet that all of us have made a bad wager or two in our lives. For some of us it was doubling down that pair of fours on the Blackjack table when we were feeling lucky. For others, it was a casual $1 bet with our sister as to which contestant would be eliminated next on “The Bachelor.” (Note to Sis: thanks for not making me pay up.)

Odds are that most of us have never bet $9.25 million; most of us don’t have that kind of money. And even if we did, we would be smart enough to fold on any bet raised that high. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers must have skipped a few accounting classes in college as evidenced by his most recent gamble.

Back in February 2012, Mr. Rodgers bet a man he’d never met, Colorado nurse Todd Sutton, that he was ab-so-lute-ly certain that friend and business partner Ryan Braun, outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, was playing “clean” – despite allegations and rumor to the contrary. He was so ab-so-lute-ly certain, in fact, that he offered to pay Mr. Sutton his annual salary if he was wrong.

Fast-forward to August 2012, and he admitted to using PEDs after being linked to a Miami clinic that supplied steroids to many other professional athletes. He was subsequently suspended for the rest of the season (65 games).

The story has been reported by many media outlets, but none of them looked into the chances of Mr. Sutton’s chances of calling his marker on that bet. We’ll tell you what would happen if Mr. Sutton decides to roll the dice in civil court.