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Not a Stand Your Ground Case

By LASIS Staff

As explained by Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor at ABC News, the George Zimmerman case did not end up being a Stand Your Ground case. When the defense “waived the Stand Your Ground hearing, this became a classic self-defense case in Florida. Are people going to talk about it? Yes. Are they going to be able to point to this case and say this is the example of Stand Your Ground? No.”

But Mr. Abrams was wrong about one thing.  People are going to point to this case and say this is an example of Stand Your Ground.  And not just any people: the New York Times.  We understand that this case has stirred emotions and we understand the nature of 24/7 news, and both may account for why journalists are getting so much wrong in reporting this story. But we expect more from the Times.


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