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Pizza Wars

By Drew Carroll & Nadia-Elysse Harris

Cheap and delicious pizza is as New York as the lights in Times Square. After a drunken night of partying, in between afternoon classes, or just in lieu of cooking – one dollar in New York City can get you a slice of pizza that will have you savoring every last greasy crumb.

There are 773 pizza restaurants on the island of Manhattan according to menupages.com, (pizza is also available at plenty of other places not actually listed as pizza restaurants, too) but on a small section of Avenue of the Americas between 37th & 38th Streets two restaurants serving pizza think that there is, perhaps, just one place too many. And each of them is pointing at the other.

A price war resulted and for now, at least, you can get pizza at both these joints for 75-cents a slice. In New York, where movies go for $13 and the rent is too damn high, this is newsworthy.

According to the New York Times, Bombay Fast Food/6th Avenue Pizza, an eatery offering –you guessed it — Indian food and pizza, was less than pleased to welcome its new just-next-door neighbor last October — 2 Bros. Pizza, part of a growing chain of New York pizza shops.

Bombay’s manager, Mohit Kumar Mitra, willingly states the obvious: that Bombay felt the pressure from 2 Bros., and decided to take competitive action, lowering the price of a slice to 79 cents. Mr. Mitra told us that, “within two hours,” 2 Bros. put a sign in front of their restaurant advertising 75-cent pizza. Bombay felt it had no choice but match it.

The Times reported that Bombay’s owner is “contemplating checking with a lawyer” to see if something could be done.  Bombay was being held hostage to its new neighbor’s lower price offerings, and though he didn’t say it, he was clearly worried that his business would suffer, he’d go out of business, and then 2 Bros. could raise its prices again.  There ought to be a law…But was there?

We figured we’d help the mom and pop shop out and do a little research. And while we were at it, have a slice or two ourselves.   (more…)