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This Might Take the Cake

By LASIS Staff

The chutzpah cake, that is.

We’ve written about this kind of thing before, but a recent New York Times story really stunned us.

It seems that a couple of Romanian guys with nothing better to do and some time on their hands decided to steal a couple of paintings from the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam. Not particularly educated in the world of haute art, they weren’t even sure what they were stealing, but they made off with two Monets, a Gauguin, a Picasso, a Matisse, a Lucien Freud (yes, that Lucien Freud).  Unable to easily unload the fruits of their heist, they destroyed the artwork, increasing the severity of both their crime, and most likely, their punishment.

And what did one of the attorneys representing one of the thieves tell reporters?  His client “was considering suing the gallery for its ‘negligence’ in allowing itself to be breached so easily.

Now, that, LASIS readers, is chutzpah.


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