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Reality TV Invades the Hospital Room

By Asher Hawkins

These days, some folks are only too happy to have the most intimate moments of their personal lives documented by a reality-television crew.

Others are old-fashioned enough that they don’t relish the thought that highly personal moments would be broadcast – and On-Demanded, Netflix’d, and Hulu’d – for millions to see.

The family of Mark Chanko, a patient at New York-Presbyterian Hospital whose final moments were captured on camera and then used in a scene of ABC’s “NY Med” belongs in this second camp, and has sued  the network, the hospital, and several doctors believed to have been involved in treating the man prior to his death.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News reported that Mr. Chanko’s widow was shocked when she tuned in to the show and saw the scene featuring her late husband; though his face was blurred, she recognized his voice immediately. The media didn’t analyze the strength of the subsequent lawsuit. We will.



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