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Reality TV Invades the Hospital Room

By Asher Hawkins

These days, some folks are only too happy to have the most intimate moments of their personal lives documented by a reality-television crew.

Others are old-fashioned enough that they don’t relish the thought that highly personal moments would be broadcast – and On-Demanded, Netflix’d, and Hulu’d – for millions to see.

The family of Mark Chanko, a patient at New York-Presbyterian Hospital whose final moments were captured on camera and then used in a scene of ABC’s “NY Med” belongs in this second camp, and has sued  the network, the hospital, and several doctors believed to have been involved in treating the man prior to his death.

The New York Post and the New York Daily News reported that Mr. Chanko’s widow was shocked when she tuned in to the show and saw the scene featuring her late husband; though his face was blurred, she recognized his voice immediately. The media didn’t analyze the strength of the subsequent lawsuit. We will.



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Can’t Hold on to Your Wallet? Read This

By Halina Schiffman-Shilo

My wallet and I have a difficult relationship. I try to make sure it’s stays put in my pocket or bag, and it tries to wander off into the great unknown without me. I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve lost my wallet in the past ten years, but suffice it say, I would probably need to count on both hands.

Over the past decade, I’ve been an equal opportunity wallet-loser in terms of geography. My wallet’s gone missing in New York, D.C., Botswana, Montreal—you pick a region, and I’ve probably lost my wallet there. But while I’ve visited my grandparents in Florida many, many times, somehow, I’ve never lost my wallet in the Sunshine State. And this is a shame, because, according to the sheriff’s department in Port Charlotte, whoever found it there would have been obliged to turn it over to the police or to me, or be guilty of a crime.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Rene Marie Glynn of Port Charlotte, Florida found an iPhone4 in a Walmart bathroom. She got in touch with the phone owner and told her she’d be happy to return it – for money. The phone owner agreed, but had already called the police to report it missing. So when the phone owner’s boyfriend met Ms. Glynn to pay the “ransom” and get the phone back, police were on hand to arrest her as soon as she was paid. Ms. Glynn was then charged with grand theft and dealing in stolen property. The HuffPo article quoted the sheriff’s office as saying “failure to report the finding to law enforcement or return the property when asked is considered theft.”

Have I been losing my wallet in all the wrong places?! I decided to investigate.



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