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So This Prototype Cell Phone Walks Into a Bar…

It reads like the kind of not-quite-best-selling fiction that you might imagine only stranded travelers would resort to reading: a prototype cell phone goes missing and photos of it in a disassembled state show up on a technology news web site weeks later, apparently having changed hands for thousands of dollars along the way. It’s hardly Harry Potter. It is, however, an article in the L.A. Times; a secret prototype of Apple’s next iPhone has been photographed and posted on Gizmodo.com, and Gizmodo admits to having paid $5,000 for the privilege.

The bulk of the article recounts how exactly the phone came to be in the possession of Gizmodo, and eventually points out that the phone may have been stolen. The story reported that Gizmodo may be in the clear, because journalists generally don’t face penalties for being in receipt of stolen documents.  However, depending on what some very specific facts turn out to be, Gizmodo may actually be in serious trouble. (more…)


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