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Legal Violation or Healthy Democratic Dealings at Work?

By Jeremy Potter

After months of speculation surrounding whether Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) was offered a job in exchange for dropping out of Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary election, the Obama Administration confirmed that former President Clinton, at the behest of President Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, held exploratory discussions with Sestak about potential jobs Sestak might accept as part of a deal.

President Obama and his top lawyer, Bob Bauer, insist that “nothing improper took place” and discussions were “fully consistent with the relevant law and ethical requirements.” On May 28, 2010, Mr. Bauer released a memo to the White House staff evaluating each possible job offer but did not cover the applicable law.

Some stories about the offer referenced illegal activity, potential illegal offers or “a felony” without mentioning anything further about the law.  Other stories and blogs caught onto one or both of the U.S. Code’s applicable regulations.

But almost all the stories dismissed the violation, or alleged violation, as meaningless.

Left Wing media bias or fair assessment?  We will examine each of the two U.S. Code regulations in turn.



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