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LeBron James Heroin For Sale

By Jennifer Williams

NBA champion; NBA Final MVP; three-time NBA MVP; NBA Rookie of the Year; eight-time NBA All-Star. This is not a list of my fake accomplishments on NBA 2K13. No, these are actually the successes of a very real player, ex-Cleveland Cavaliers, current Miami Heat player, LeBron James.

Oh, there’s one more description I could have added: official face of a heroin brand that’s all the rage in Philadelphia.

Earlier this month, 19-year old drug dealer Marlon Guess was busted with 140 packets of heroin, all of which he’d sold to an undercover police officer for $750. Each little bag of heroin was branded with “LeBron James” and had a silhouette of King James himself.

Mr. Guess didn’t make apprehending him easy. There was a car chase, an accident, and then a chase on foot. But he was caught, and after being charged with felony narcotics trafficking was held on $250,000 bail.

While our suspicion is that Mr. Guess is likely to have bigger legal fish to fry, we wondered if his choice of brand for his product could add to his woes. And so we looked into the extra heat this drug dealer might face, for intellectual property reasons.



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