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Who’s Your Daddy: LeBron Faces Heat From…His Father?

By Jeremy Potter

You probably saw “LeBron” in the headines and thought “This is just what the Internet needs, another story about LeBron James.”  It’s understandable.  After all, we’ve all had enough of The Decision LeBron made “to take [his] talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat.

But there was another story about LeBron last week, which, while not headline news, piqued our interest.  Seems a Washington D.C. attorney has filed a lawsuit against LeBron and his mother, Gloria, in which he claims that he is LeBron’s father, and that LeBron and Gloria tampered with his 2007 paternity test that came back negative.  He is seeking $4 million in damages.

This story drew attention from the American Bar Association (ABA) Journal, the Daily News, and CNN.com.  But none of these outlets took the time to examine the lawsuit, preferring instead to run with the headline and let the details work themselves out later.  In fact, it was the celeb site TMZ and not a traditional news site that actually located the court documents, though it stopped short of analyzing the law.

We weren’t satisfied with that.  We wanted to know- how much heat this lawsuit packs.   So we read Leicester B. Stovell’s allegations of paternity.   Very carefully. (more…)


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