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Facebook Settles Trademark Lawsuit With Lamebook

By LASIS Staff

Last November, LASIS reported that the parody website Lamebook had turned the tables on Facebook and filed a lawsuit against the social media giant seeking declaratory relief stating that the Lamebook name and logo did not infringe Facebook’s trademark. Facebook’s lawsuits against other websites with “face” and “book” in their names or logos had forced those sites to shutdown or change their URLs.

We predicted that Lamebook would “likely be granted declaratory judgment that its trademark does not infringe on or dilute Facebook’s trademark.” It appears that Facebook’s attorneys may have agreed with our analysis since they are no longer asking Lamebook to change its name or logo.

According to The Recorder, the two sides have struck a settlement that will allow Lamebook to continue to operate under its current name. In return, Lamebook has agreed to display a disclaimer on its homepage, which reads: “This is an unofficial parody and is not affiliated or associated with, or endorsed or approved by, Facebook.”


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