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Not-So-Final Resting Place?

By Victoria Rosner

Think you’ve got mother-in-law problems? When college professor Regina Constantin lost her husband three years ago, she assumed that when her time comes, she would be buried alongside him. But, she recently learned, her mother-in-law feels differently, and has made it clear to Constantin that she is not welcome and won’t have a place in the family burial plot in Queens.

As reported by the NY Daily News, she is suing to disinter her late husband and have him cremated so that his ashes can one day be mingled with hers. But the story did not address whether there is a legal basis to demand that one’s remains spend eternity next to those one’s spouse. Or more to the point, whether Constantin can dig up the body of her late husband and cremate him because her mother-in-law won’t allow her to be buried beside him.



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