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Honda Adds Fuel to Godzilla’s Fire

By Dawn Mikulastik

What’s got Godzilla all fired up? A thirty-second long commercial for a minivan, that’s what. And even if monsters don’t scare you, the giant reptile’s litigious parent company, Toho Co., Ltd., will.

Earlier this month, THR,esq reported on a lawsuit filed by Toho over a commercial that Honda aired for its Odyssey model during the NFL Playoffs. The complaint claims that the ad, which attempts to make minivans appealing to young dads through the use of fire, a puma, heavy metal, and an unlicensed three-second clip of Godzilla, infringes on Toho’s registered trademark and copyrights for the movie monster. But will its case stand up in court or will a judge say that Toho is full of hot air? (more…)


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