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Condolences — and Congratulations!

By Halina Schiffman-Shilo

A few weeks ago my friend sent me his daily “I’m bored at work” email, which had a link to this interesting tidbit of news, courtesy of the Huffington Post: In Thailand, a young man and woman met in college, and then dated for ten years. Sounds normal so far but here’s where things gets interesting. After the woman was killed in a freak car accident, her boyfriend decided to make good on a promise to marry her. So in a joint wedding-funeral service, he did.

This raises an interesting legal question — is posthumous marriage legal in the U.S.? And, come to think of it, I’ve read about posthumous baptisms too.  What does the law say about that?  HuffPo and other news sources reported the story but didn’t delve into these rather macabre legal issues.  LASIS will.   (more…)



Le Divorce

By Alison Parker

Not getting enough bedroom action from your hubby? If you live in France that’s worth approximately $14,000 (U.S.). A Frenchwoman divorced her husband and brought an additional claim for a lack of lovemaking throughout their 21years of marriage, suing under a French Civil Code provision which states that married couples must agree to a “shared communal life.” Despite her husband attributing his lackluster performance between the sheets to “tiredness and health problems,” the judge agreed with Madame that “sexual relations must form part of a marriage.”

This case got LASIS wondering, how would this kind of claim fare outside of France?   (more…)