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Playing Favorites

By Leah Braukman

Gerald Magliocca of Concurring Opinions recently dedicated a blog entry to his favorite U.S. Supreme Court opinion, the 1970 admiralty law case Moragne v. States Marine Lines. The case was the first to recognize a wrongful death action in maritime law, overturned 84 years of precedent, and explained the history of the relevant law, from the ‘felony-merger’ doctrine in England to the Death on the High Seas Act. “Take a look sometime”, urged Mr. Magliocca. “You’ll be glad you did.”

Inspired by the notion of having an all time favorite Supreme Court opinion, I contacted a few of New York Law School’s professors to find out which Supreme Court opinion was tops in their personal Hall of Fame – and I was fascinated by their answers.

Drumroll, please……

Professor Nadine Strossen chose West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette of 1943. When asked why she so favors this particular case, Professor Strossen smiled and shot back, “Where to start?”   (more…)


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