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Pretty Wife, Ugly Baby, Angry Hubby

By Courtney Weinstein

News from China that’s been swirling around the Internet:  A man had an ugly baby.

At first Jian Feng insisted that his wife had been unfaithful because there was no way in hell he could have sired such an unattractive child. A DNA test proved him wrong. He had produced “an extremely ugly baby girl” (his words, not mine).

And then Mrs. Feng coughed up a little secret — she had undergone about $100,000 in cosmetic procedures before they met. Mr. Feng was outraged. He felt cheap, used, bamboozled. He was not going to put up with his wife’s fraudulent behavior. Did he ask for an apology? Maybe. Did he sleep on the couch for a couple of nights? Perhaps. In fact, he went further than that: He filed for divorce.  And even further than that:  He sued Mrs. Feng on the grounds of false pretenses; he’d married her believing she was a natural beauty. A court ruled in his favor, to the tune of $120,000

While the media has been covering the story (even trying to figure out if it’s true or not), we wondered whether those of us who’ve had some botox are safe. Does concealing plastic surgery from your betrothed constitute fraud?

LASIS investigates New York’s take on secretly nipping and tucking before walking down the aisle.



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A Fairytale Kardashian Lawsuit

By Drew Carroll

It just all seemed so sudden. I really feel like Ms. Kardashian is missing the bigger picture here.

Less than three weeks have passed since the shocking news that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, NBA player Kris Humphries. While it will no doubt take much longer to process our pain and loss, comedian Rob Delaney isn’t ready to give up on Kim & Kris just yet — and I don’t blame him.

Because true love (and lucrative television contracts) only come around so often, you have to fight for it when it does. Ms. Kardashian, you can’t quit now. If you do, Mr. Delaney will sue you. And I hereby offer my legal services

It won’t be easy.  After all, how can a court fully measure the emotional distress that Ms. Kardashian inflicted on the four million people who tuned in to watch her tie the knot this summer and now feel cruelly deceived? (Irony of ironies: it was E! Entertainment’s highest-rated program ever).

Come to think of it, there were 300 million other Americans who wanted nothing to do with the nuptials.  Can a court  measure their suffering, caused by the media circus brouhaha they were subjected to leading up to the big day?

But I must focus.  I’m not representing the 300 million. I’m just representing the four million devoted romantics, whom I will fight for in a class action, with Mr. Delaney as our named plaintiff. Are there grounds for a lawsuit against Ms. Kardashian, you ask?  Are you kidding?   (more…)



Le Divorce

By Alison Parker

Not getting enough bedroom action from your hubby? If you live in France that’s worth approximately $14,000 (U.S.). A Frenchwoman divorced her husband and brought an additional claim for a lack of lovemaking throughout their 21years of marriage, suing under a French Civil Code provision which states that married couples must agree to a “shared communal life.” Despite her husband attributing his lackluster performance between the sheets to “tiredness and health problems,” the judge agreed with Madame that “sexual relations must form part of a marriage.”

This case got LASIS wondering, how would this kind of claim fare outside of France?   (more…)