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A 2L Goes to Washington

Justice Scalia is in the middle. Dara Poltrock is third from the left in the purple blouse.

By Dara Poltrock

When I learned my Modern Supreme Court class would be going to hear oral arguments at the Supreme Court and then meet Justice Antonin Scalia, I could hardly contain my excitement.  For a law student this is about the same as handing a golden ticket to an American Idol contestant and telling her that she’s going to Hollywood.

Before those of you who don’t spend your days reading Supreme Court decisions mentally check out of this article, let me explain…

As a second year law student, I read Supreme Court decisions more than I talk to my friends. I know how they think and how they come out on decisions.  For example I’ve learned that if a right is not explicitly stated in the Constitution, Justices Scalia and Thomas are hard pressed to find the right exists.  And I’ve learned that Justice Ginsberg generally votes with the liberal wing of the Court.  Simply put—the chance to meet the justices felt like the chance to meet a movie star.  I had to share my experience with LASIS readers. (more…)