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Now Hiring: Smart and Ethical Hellhound

By Gillad Matiteyahu

“He was known as the Hellhound of Wall Street,” said my lawyer friend.

I was catching up with an old coworker over coffee and we started talking about politics. We were both disappointed that there were no ongoing investigations to uncover the callous wrongdoings that brought about the Great Recession. Only those who unmistakably and monumentally dropped the ball, like Bernie Madoff and Raj Rajaratnam, faced criminal prosecutions.

And that was when my friend introduced me to Ferdinand Pecora.

In his book, “The Hellhound of Wall Street: How Ferdinand Pecora’s Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance”, published by Penguin Press in 2010, Michael Perino chronicles how one man, in only ten days of hearings before a congressional committee in Washington, brought Wall Street to its knees and forever impacted the U.S. financial markets. It is a story forgotten by many and that is why LASIS believes you should know about it.



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John Adams and the Rule of Law

By Will Bartholomew

On Friday, October 19 Fordham Law School’s Forum on Law, Culture, and Society kicked off its annual film festival at the HBO Theater with a screening of Part One of the mini-series “John Adams.” The evening took on a hint of Hollywood gala as smartly-dressed patrons mingled over drinks and appetizers in the theater’s foyer before the show with the event’s guests-of-honor, Kirk Ellis, who wrote the screenplay for the series, and Judge Denny Chin, of the Federal Court of Appeals.

The festival, which is in its seventh year, seeks to spur discussion of the role of law and lawyers by showcasing films that deal with legal themes. Actors, writers, intellectuals, and members of the legal profession with a connection to the film are invited to help facilitate the discussion after each screening.

This year’s festival drew a capacity crowd for its opening night. As showtime neared and the audience filed into the theater, the room became so packed that even the festival’s lion-haired director, Thane Rosenbaum, had to search for a seat.

As the crowd settled in, Professor Rosenbaum rose to the podium at the front of the theater and, after thanking the people who had made the event possible, posed a question to the audience:

“Why did we choose Judge Chin for this post-show discussion? Why is he the perfect person to speak after Part One of “John Adams”?”

No one even ventured a guess. The answer would have to wait.