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“High” Fashion Lawsuit

By Nicole Rowlands

Los Angeles designer Brian Lichtenberg exploded on to the fashion scene by spoofing high fashion designer logos like Hermès and Miu Miu with his BLTEE line of graphic tee shirts.  Exclusively designed for and sold by Kitson, these $58 tees mock high fashion designers by using the brands’ colors and logos, but with the lettering spelling words like “Homies” (in place of Hermès) or “Meow Meow” (instead of Miu Miu).

Lately, he’s come up with a new prescription for success by using prescription drug brands like Xanax, Vicodin, and Adderall on his tee shirts.

Mr. Lichtenberg’s idea of satire has had some unpleasant side effects. The three prescription drug brands are threatening to sue for trademark infringement.

The media has been reporting the story for months, but haven’t analyzed whether the prescription drug brands would prevail, or whether they should take a chill pill and let it go.

LASIS will.



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