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Hear the One About a Texas Lawyer Who Walks Into An Airport…and Sues?

By Jeremy Potter

First, there was the judge from Washington D.C. who sued his drycleaner for losing his pants, and now a Houston personal injury lawyer is threatening to sue several Houston entities over a missing leather jacket.  Frivolous lawsuits and the lawyers who file them do nothing to curb negative public sentiment toward lawyers.

William Ogletree left his Polo leather jacket at a pizza restaurant in the Houston Intercontinental Airport’s food court before a Continental Airlines flight to Las Vegas.  According to The Smoking Gun, as of March 4, 2010, Ogletree had not yet filed suit but he did send a letter to the city of Houston, Continental Airlines and the food management company of the food court, threatening to sue unless he was sent an $800 reimbursement for his lost coat.  Media accounts took for granted that Ogletree has a baseless claim…and it turns out they’re right. But they didn’t explain why.



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