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Sell Personal Information to Marketers; Buy a Lawsuit

By Jillian Raines


Who doesn’t love their Pandora or Dictionary.com App? Or doesn’t think that playing PaperToss is a great way to spend their morning commute? What about the WeatherChannelApp? I know—so much easier than opening your computer and going to weatherchannel.com to see what you should wear on any given day.

What if you found out that the companies behind these Apps, and a bunch of others, were selling your personal information—like your age, location, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political views, and your phone’s “uniquedeviceidentifier (UDID) — to marketers? And even worse, that Apple was allowing this to happen?

That is precisely what multiple California residents are claiming in three separate, nearlyidentical lawsuitsfiledagainstAppleandseveralAppmakers. Though the legal claims vary slightly, the factual allegations are virtually the same; it will not be surprising, in fact, if all of these suits are soon joined.

It is not clear who will win but regardless of outcome, these suits will surely have significant implications for both consumerprivacyadvocates and companies likeAppleandGoogle. (more…)


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