Spike Lee’s Twitter Vigilantism

By LASIS Staff

Back in April 2012, then LASIS  reporter (and now Credit Suisse attorney) Jessica McElroy examined the death threats made against an elderly Florida couple (who as it happened, had nothing to do with the shooting of Trayvon Martin), after filmmaker Spike Lee tweeted their address to all his followers, under the mistaken belief that it was George Zimmerman’s address.

As Ms. McElroy put it: “Mr. Lee is lucky that nothing happened to the McClains or their property. As it is, the McClains could have sued Mr. Lee for his negligent actions, and if they prevailed, the court would have reached into his deep pockets for compensatory damages (money that the defendant pays to cover the out-of-pocket costs of the plaintiff’s injury) and possibly punitive damages (to punish Mr. Lee).”

Mr. Lee’s luck may have run out.



3 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    How exactly does one go from LASIS Reporter to Credit Suisse attorney — is this a long career path? I’m a 1L and curious.

  2. The Editors says:


    1. You go to NYLS
    2. You work hard
    3. You write well, with much practice, on LASIS
    4. You apply to work for Credit Suisse.

    Jessica was a ’12 graduate, so this is not a “long career path” at all. Our school currently has a program with Credit Suisse (the company likes the work of our alums). Not sure where you’re a 1L, Phil, but if you’re at NYLS, that’s a great start.

  3. Eric says:

    You’re coming across as a petulant child, Spike. You’re a millionaire.
    Give them the extra $15,000.


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