Summer’s Here!

By LASIS Staff

The calendar would disagree, but for LASIS, summer has arrived. This Sunday our senior reporters will be graduating at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall (we look forward to a fine commencement speech by New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg). Junior reporters are finishing their final exams, and in the next week or two will begin working at human rights organizations, law firms, and media companies.

Which means, dear reader, that except for some short updates, perhaps, LASIS is officially on summer hiatus.

We look forward to resuming our legal reporting in the early fall.

Have a wonderful summer!



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  1. Thank you for a great blog this past year; congratulations to those graduating, and we hope that everyone enjoyes summer. Read you next year….

  2. ABA Journal reader says:

    Found your blog from the ABA Journal and have been enjoying your articles. Too bad you’re not writing over the summer. I’ll be sure to check back in the fall.

  3. We will be waiting for you when you get back. We’re excited to hear about everything you did during summer. Oh, and the picture you used is fabulous!

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