Don’t Sue the Matchmaker

By LASIS Staff

We’ve all been through bad blind dates. We’ve lied (“I don’t feel well, I really have to go home now” or even “Sorry, I have an early morning flight to catch”); sulked (“Nothing’s wrong, why?”); and cursed the gods above for bringing us into contact with such a nerd/cad/ space cadet (“Darn  you, gods, for bringing me into contact with this horrible individual!”)

And that’s just when the date is someone we’d rather not be having dinner with.

So we understand that Mary Kay Beckman was more than a tad disappointed when her Match.com date hid in her garage, stabbed her 10 times, kicked her, and left her for dead.  Now that’s a bad date.

Ms. Beckham is suing the dating website for “failure to warn her of the dangers of meeting “an individual whose intentions are not to find a mate, but to find victims to kill or rape,”

LASIS remembers a similar suit against Match.com.  Here are the reasons why Ms. Beckham should drop her suit and try meeting people the old fashioned way.


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