An Unfortunate Update

By LASIS Staff

Back in May, the world was shocked to hear that Junior Seau, former Pro-Bowl linebacker for the NFL, most famous for his time with the San Diego Chargers, had committed suicide.

LASIS has written about the evidence that contact sports are resulting in non-reversible and life threatening brain injuries to players. (see here and here).

Now this:  An autopsy has revealed that Mr. Seau had been suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the brain disease that has been linked to and numerous professional athlete’s homicidal attacks suicides, as well as cases of dementia and other mind altering diseases.

The news is tragic — and did not even make the front page of the major newspapers. For shame.



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  1. Bobby says:

    What I look for whenever there is a murder or suicide is what meds the person was on. A massive number of them turn out out to be on prescription drugs that are classed the same as LSD, Cocaine and other heavy drugs.

    In other words they have the black label warnings.

    This includes most if not all of the school & movie theater shootings, famous people like Lennon, pres Reagan, etc, etc. Indeed even Hitler had dangerous drugs prescribed to him, which he then demanded to have each day.

    I’d be curious if his disease was treated by any of these dangerous drugs. Someone needs to pursue the people that prescribe drugs that make people commit this acts. There must be some carelessness which makes someone prescribe these. The patients are only concerned about pain and usually cannot even think straight when warned. After all they are being sold so they cannot be that bad, people think.

  2. ljames says:


    As a former psychiatric professional, I think you are a bit off base. The issue is not what “drugs” the individual is on, but what medication has the individual stopped taking. The point of the article is to highlight that professional athletes (specifically, NFL, soccer player, and prize fighters) are in a career where low levels of repeated brain trauma are being found to have catastrophic effects.

    The school shootings, movie theater shootings, etc. have mostly been performed by individuals with known psychiatric histories. James Holmes is believed to have been actively psychotic at the time of the Aurora shootings. Adam Lanza is believed to have had a personality disorder. And it can easily be argued that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold also suffered from personality disorders. Similarly, Seung-Hui Cho was believed to be psychotic. These personality disorders and psychotic disorders did not arise from a drug abuse. They arose either due to environment or genetics. And the problem is not that the shooters were on “drugs” but that they had stopped taking their medication, or that they never received the treatment needed.

    Junior Seau did not shoot himself because he was on narcotics. He shot himself because of a psycho-neurological disease.

    These instances occur daily, and almost every mass shooting and suicide can be traced back to the shooter having some sort of mental illness. We need to raise our awareness of all mental illness – psychological and neurological. That is what this all comes down to – the U.S. Government, the NFL, State Governments, etc. need to be more aware of mental illness and we need to increase the number of resources available (in-patient and out-patient alike) and aide the root of the problem.

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