Occupy Journalism!

By LASIS Staff

The LASIS team demands excellence, of ourselves and other journalists, too, and we took to the streets to protest for quality reporting.

Click here to view enlarged photo and see from left to right, back row: (Publisher) Jethro Lieberman, with megaphone; Jessica McElroy, demanding punctuation; Jaclyn Tyndorf, loving free speech; Leah Braukman, needing nothing but LASIS; and (Editor) Michelle Zierler and Drew Carroll, with raised arms, Occupying LLAW Street. From left to right, front row: Ryan Morrison enjoying a mid-protest smoke; Meghan Lalonde, singing her heart out; and Halina Schiffman Shilo, earnestly studying her iPad.

We wiill be taking time off for a while while our reporters are busy with their summer jobs.  We may have an infrequent post or two but for the most part, this is it for a while.

We thank you for reading us, and for all your comments, and wish all of you a great summer!


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