Town Clerk Who Refused Marriage Licenses Re-elected

By LASIS Staff

Last Tuesday, Rose Marie Belforti, Town Clerk of Ledyard, New York, won her re-election campaign over write-in candidate Ed Easter, with with 63% of the vote.

We reported on Ms. Belforti’s refusal to issue a marriage license to a lesbian couple who own farmland in the rural area of upstate New York. After the State Legislature legalized gay marriage in the state, Ms. Belforti requested a deputy be appointed by the Town Council to handle her marriage license duties. The Council agreed, and Ms. Belforti abrogated her marriage license duties for all applicants, gay and straight. The issue became the centerpiece of Mr. Easter’s ultimately unsuccessful write-in candidacy in this right-leaning community.

No word yet on whether the gay couple turned away by Ms. Belforti will proceed with a threatened lawsuit against her and the Town of Ledyard.



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  1. Lauren Whiting says:

    Interesting that she was re-elected. I wonder if this controversy helped her re-election or if she was re-elected despite these issues.