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Judgment Day

By Halina Schiffman-Shilo

“There will be no humanity without forgiveness. There will be no forgiveness without justice. But justice will be impossible without humanity.”

-Yolande Mukagasana. Inscribed in the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

On December 20, the ICTR delivered its last judgment. Augustin Ngirabatware, indicted in 1999 for his alleged role in the Rwandan genocide, was found guilty of genocide, direct and public incitement to genocide, and rape by Trial Chamber II. He was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment.

Since our arrival in August, those of us interns designated to Chambers worked almost exclusively on the Ngirabatware case. We reviewed the files, discussed (and at times argued) its legal and factual points, and even visited some places in Rwanda where crimes particular to this case were committed. In short, we spent the last four months living and breathing Ngirabatware.

And on judgment day, we were in the courtroom.



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